What is Brave Woman?

Brave Woman is a grassroots movement, banding together to stand tall and rediscover our voices for transformational change. The barriers women face leaving an abuser are multiple. Did you know 70% of women report their abuser killed or injured a pet as a means of control? As a result, 48% don’t leave.

Together we can create a world community that:

  • Seeks to honor the difficult, daily decisions a woman makes with respect and understanding.
  • Finds new solutions for temporary pet care so women can leave without that stress.
  • Acknowledges the multiple and complex issues faced by faced by bold survivors of trauma, injustice, inequity.

Our Belief

Our belief is that we can be a bold, courageous, vulnerable, curious community together.  New solutions are needed to bridge the gap in services, information and options.

Can we pledge to double our efforts? Can we, together, focus on the large percentage of women who want to protect their children, their pets and themselves with adequate resources?