What is Brave Woman?

Brave Woman is a grassroots movement, actively partnering with abuse survivors, particularly those who cannot or do not seek services, to rediscover and use their voice for transformational change and healing personally, in families, in communities and within support systems.

Together we can create a world community that:

  • Supports the difficult, daily decisions a woman makes with respect and understanding.
  • Becomes consistently aware of incidents of violence, its impact on lives and takes action.
  • Listens to the wisdom of survivors and incorporates their insight into solutions.
  • Effectively addresses the complex issues faced by survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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    Our belief is that we can’t end domestic violence as long as there are humans with our range of emotions, experiences, old hurts, anger and need for power. But, we can do things to stop domestic violence in the world around each of us. Brave Woman honors the creative and tenacious journey women and children undertake to find peace, gain self-confidence and make new choices.

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    Experience the wisdom of survivors and the support of our Champions. Take a few minutes and tune into their words.



    Send us your video. Share things you’ve learned, overcome and insights. Please note that all submissions are reviewed before posting. We’ll let you know when a post has been approved and added to the website.


    Get More Involved

    Some acts of abuse we can see and others are hidden in wounded emotions, psychological control and isolation. Stay aware, ask questions, take action for those you love and the wellbeing of the community you live in. .

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    Gathering Wisdom

    Collect survivor video and narrative perspectives on key issues related to domestic violence and sexual assault to encourage action and positive change.


    Produce & distribute 60″ spots, wisdom films and topic-related shorts from survivors (men, women and children) as teaching tools for advocates, law enforcement, judges, and all champions to foster greater understanding and effective action.

    Listening Sessions

    Produce and provide a template for listening sessions where survivors share insights, challenges and ideas while family, friends, and professionals listen. Information from these sessions will contribute meaningful data.

    Connect with Stories

    Working with teen and adult authors, songwriters and artists, offer fiction stories and artistic interpretations of the inside life/experience of survivors (adult and children).


    Work with statewide coalitions, individual shelters, government and civic groups to promote the message of understanding and courage under the Brave Woman program.


    Support legislative changes as feasible that honor survivors and fund needed services.

    Tools For The Journey

    Brave Woman does not offer direct services, but we do create tools for individual and community change.


    Coming soon, products that express the message of hope, support and change for survivors.

    and more…

    Survivors guide the focus of Brave Woman. Additional opportunities for voice will be created as needed.


    How Do We Stop Domestic Violence?

    This is how:

    We listen to the voices of survivors.
    We learn from their experiences.
    We are patient.
    We are open to change.
    We don’t make assumptions.
    We, as a caring community, take action.