What is Brave Woman?

Brave Woman is a grassroots movement, banding together to stand tall, rediscover our voices for transformational change,
support personal and community healing and act with intention.
This is especially important today as we struggle together to find one another in a world of distance.

Together we can create a world community that:

  • Seeks to honor the difficult, daily decisions a woman makes with respect and understanding.
  • Becomes actively aware of the talents, insights and gifts of each woman with full support.
  • Listens to the wisdom of women and girls, incorporating insights into effective human solutions.
  • Effectively addresses the complex issues faced by bold survivors of trauma, injustice, inequity.

  • Our Belief

    Our belief is that we can be a bold, courageous, vulnerable, curious community together. Let’s identify our heroes and find the hero within.

    Can we pledge to double our efforts to stop violence, inequity, isolation and discrimination? As a movement, Brave Woman honors the creative and tenacious journey women and children undertake to find peace, gain self-confidence and make new choices.