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Welcome to our new website! Web guru Aron Shelton has demonstrated how partnership works with a man who is sensitive (and intuitive) to what Brave Woman is about. It has been a joy to work with him and he has translated our mission and outreach well. Your feedback, as our community, is always welcome.

We have included some new features that we hope you find not only helpful, but energetic fuel to propel the conversation on domestic violence to a new level. Our voice, as survivors, is what will make the difference with all our partners who are turning up the volume on these life experiences. The No More Campaign, Jewish Women International, the National Network to End Domestic Violence (our partners) and more. Local shelters, services that spring up as needed and individual champions who aren’t afraid to speak up and take action. We are grateful for each and every voice that joins the movement.

Connecting with brave women and childhood survivors of domestic violence has increase dramatically lately. We originally went through shelters to reach survivors, but we’ve found that we are everywhere if the invitation is extended to connect. I’ve met survivors in the RV park laundry room, at a client’s business, in a restaurant and more places than I can count. People want to know about the Here I Am Campaign and that opens doors and hearts to experiences that have too often been kept silent and secret. We all know that the impact of DV, whether as an adult or a child…or a parent who has lost a loved one…is powerful and long-lasting. We can, through mutual support and resources, turn down the volume of old messages and move forward healthy, creative and whole. Speaking our story, wisdom, insights and struggles helps bridge the gap between what we know as reality and what people perceive. It helps us look at our experience as objectively as possible and test what we’ve been told and what we know in our hearts about who we are.

If you’ve sent in comments to Brave Woman before and haven’t been acknowledged, please send them in again and stay connected. We’re a young organization and had some technology issues that have been resolved. We value you and want to make sure your voice has been acknowledged. If you can spread the word on our Facebook page, please like and ask your friends to like. The more widespread our voice is, the more we can enact positive change and make a difference in our lives and in those women, kids and families who are going through domestic violence, abusive situations now.

Physical abuse is a terrible thing. It jeopardizes lives and can cause long-lasting evidence on our bodies and in our spirit. Psychological, emotional, sexual and financial abuse is our hidden secret. If people don’t see it, they don’t believe it. If we can’t show it, it must not exist. How do we create a community that not only knows what this is, but acknowledges the reality and deep scars of the unseen? Brave Woman is dedicated to raising consciousness and creating change.

Sign the pledge, join the community and become a part of the movement. We are a strong group, a loud voice and agents of change.

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