In every community around the world, there are brave both young and “seasoned” women who find the strength, through unspeakable physical, emotional, financial and psychological challenges, to get up everyday and continue their lives. We know our own stories inside, but too often do not speak them out loud. And, too often, we let our stories dictate our lives.

The common life experiences that we all share, no matter what the circumstances, are the places where humans meet and find mutual support. Each reflection is a unique mixture of our past and present circumstances and how we view the future.

We have the capacity to be brave, to rise above our stories and transform how we live every day, fully ourselves.

In these challenging days, how do we share our strengths, cope, dance through fear, and let moments of joy and insights lead to positive change.

Through the Brave Woman community, we have an opportunity to find support, boldly speak who we are at our core and connect for action. We are creating a “new normal.”



We are all brave people, living life every moment, gathering experiences, being present to who we are and what we have to say. Brave Woman