Meet the Team

We are interested in hearing from you, guiding the Brave Woman Movement and showing us what bravery looks like every day. . Our Board is expanding and we will update you as new members come on.


Sandy Wright


Over the years, Sandy has pioneered in a number of firsts for women. The first woman-owned marketing firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin fostering hiring/promoting women. Co-founding events and programs that highlighted the talents of women in their respective communities.

Early in life, Sandy experienced the impact of power and control, particularly when not physically visible. She used the tools of writing to give expression to observations, ideas and feelings, developing it into a career of marketing, journalism and other venues.

Fortunate to have a community of support and encouragement throughout her life in family, friends and mentors, Sandy is committed to building that community for others who may not have it in their lives. She has a Master Degree in Sociology, is an International Coaching Federation certified Leadership, Life and Transition Coach and has been a consultant for women’s organizations, corporation, small business and nonprofits for the past 35 years. As a co-founder of Brave Woman, she is spending her time gathering insights, wisdom and concerns from women and children throughout the country and helping elevate our voices. She and Wonder Dog Jack traveled throughout 7 states in a small RV video interviewing women.


Mary J. Ingham has 26 years of experience in working with trauma survivors and social change. She is responsible for supervision and oversight of an organization providing comprehensive domestic violence, sexual assault and survivors of homicide services. The program serves a total of 23 counties, encompassing 13,135 square miles with a total population of 456,659 with a staff of 28 professionals. Under Mary’s leadership with dynamic counterparts, the organization shifted from a traditional shelter program to a comprehensive housing program that include emergency housing, homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing. She has coordinated four safety & accountability audits examining the criminal justice system. The first two audits focused on the impact of interventions on children that witness domestic violence in the home. The third audit examined the impact of the integration of domestic violence and substance abuse services on the safety & sobriety for victims of domestic violence that use drugs and/or alcohol. The most recent audit examined the impact of domestic violence in the lives of African American individuals and families. Mary has extensive experience and success in building strong and successful collaborations with law enforcement, substance abuse providers, health care providers and the community.

Rene Renick has been a strong supporter and advocate of women world-wide. This past year, we lost Rene suddenly and keep her listed on the board as a way to honor her contribution. Rene had more than 30 years of experience in the field of mental health, sexual assault and providing support and services for survivors of domestic violence. With expertise in trauma informed services, Rene had extensive national and international experience in training advocates, allied professionals and academic audiences on how to respond and advocate for battered women and their children. Rene held a Master’s in Counseling from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and an Executive Master’s Degree of Business Administration from Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.

Elise Roenigk has spent a lifetime contributing her talents to nonprofits and causes that foster women. Her involvement with highlighting voice and expression through the arts is put into action through her service on the boards of visual and literary arts organizations. And, as an astute business woman, she shares her financial expertise with others. Elise serves as Treasurer for Brave Woman.

JACK the Therapy Dog has traveled to 7 states, helping us all relax and tell our stories. He nudges, puts his head on our lap, and brings a quiet presence into often difficult conversations. A seasoned traveller, Jack continues to gentle our world.

“Brave Woman was born from a circle of women discussing their lives and how they and their children are affected by both trauma and joy. There were stories of fear and extraordinary bravery. There were stories of hidden feelings revealed and boldly spoken vulnerabilities. There were stories that uncovered a world some listeners had never experienced and then moments of mutual understanding that we are not alone.”Founding Team